Sludge Force Main and Nonpotable Water Line Project


  • Babbitt Road, Lakeshore Blvd. to S. Lakeland Blvd.
  • S. Lakeland Blvd., Babbitt Road to Lakeland Solids Disposal Facility (east of I-90 underpass)


The project includes the construction of a replacement sludge force main from the Lakeshore Wastewater Treatment Plant to the Lakeland Solids Disposal Facility.  A parallel non-potable water line is being installed to transport treated wastewater to the Lakeland plant for use in plant processes.


The project is being constructed to replace a sludge force main that was originally installed in 1958 and experiences frequent line breakages. The non-potable water line is being installed so the wastewater plant effluent water can be reused for process water at the Lakeland facility instead of drinking water.


John Thomas
(216) 406-3976

Anticipated Completion Date

Fall 2015
Installation of the new lines are 95% completed. A small section at the Lakeshore plant will be installed at a later date during plant renovations

Project Contractor

Fabrizi Trucking and Paving
(330) 273-2784