MBR Conversion project

Special Notes for Residents

PLEASE USE CAUTION as trucks, equipment and personnel and Senior Center visitors are all using Bliss Lane.


Bliss Lane north of Lakeshore Boulevard within the current Water Reclamation Facility buildings and south of the Lakefront Community Center


Conversion of the current activated sludge process of treatment to membrane bioreactor treatment. All process equipment in the plant will be changed out to accommodate the new treatment process. Work will take place to renovate the buildings to house the new treatment process.


Conversion to membrane bioreactors will update the treatment process to meet current EPA discharge limits. The effluent water from the updated plant will be cleaner than the water in Lake Erie. During the conversion of the plant the current activated sludge process will continue to treat waste while the plant is being converted.The plant will also be hydraulically restored to its 66 MGD treatment capacity. This plant will be the largest hollow fiber membrane plant in North America. This work is being mandated by a Federal EPA Consent Decree.


George Hume

Anticipated Completion Date

Late 2021

Project Contractor

Kokosing Industrial
Herbst Electric
Synergy Inc.