Headworks A - Site Preparation Package

Special Notes for Residents

 Site preperation has completed and construction has begun.Rerouted Bliss Lane will be in place until 2019. Please use caution when traveling to the Lakefront Community Center


City of Euclid Water Reclamation Facility
22201 Lakeshore Blvd.


The project consists of site work in preparation of the proposed Headworks Facility and Equalization (EQ) Basin.

Relocation work includes the electrical substation and duct work, 3-inch gas line, fiber optic cable, 96-inch storm sewer, and realignment of a portion of Bliss Lane.

Installation work includes installing and bulkheading portions of channels necessary for the Headworks facility that will be located under the new road alignment or that cross the relocated conduits. Excavation for the Headworks facility and Equalization basin is also included, along with all necessary excavation dewatering and structural support.

Most major utility work is completed. Earth retention continues to be installed as excavation proceeds. Storm sewer relocation is progressing and should be completed by late January. Storm sewer repair is underway on a deteriorated section of pipe.


The construction of the new Headworks and EQ Facilities in future contracts will allow the City of Euclid WRF to pretreat flows up to 66 MGD prior to biological treatment in the future plant upgrade and to pretreat flows up to 213 MGD during wet weather conditions prior to storage in the Equalization tank.


Jim Riley

Anticipated Completion Date

Completed 2016
The second phase of this project will begin first quarter of 2016 and continue for 20-24 months

Project Contractor

Kokosing Industrial
(216) 645-8438