Headworks and EQ Tank Contract B

Special Notes for Residents

Week of March 27 2017 there will be nighttime utility tie-ins on Lakeshore Boulevard in front of the Plant property. PLEASE USE CAUTION on Bliss Lane as Senior Center traffic and Construction traffic are both using this roadway during construction hours


North of Lakeshore Boulevard and East of Bliss Lane


Construction of an underground 15 million gallon equalization tank and  new headworks facility for screening of incoming flow to the plant to remove debris, grit and grease


The headworks facility is the first step in the treatment process. Inside this building debris, grit and grease will be removed before flow enters the plant for treatment. The 15 million gallon equalization tank will be used during storm events to hold flow until there is capacity within the plant to treat that flow. The area above the equalization tank will be restored to green space after construction.


George Hume

Anticipated Completion Date

March 2019

Project Contractor

Kokosing Industrial