Euclid Waterfront Improvements - Phase II West Public Trail and Shoreline Stabilization

Special Notes for Residents

The ccontractor will mobilize from the former Cody Property and Sims Park beginning in 2018 for clearing and earthwork preparation for the rock revetments and retaining walls. Property owners in the project area with questions are encouraged to contact Allison Lukacsy-Love at 216-289-8160 or Thank you. Other information can be reached at


North of Lakeshore Boulevard starting at the Joseph A Farrell Memorial fishing pier and going east toward E 242nd Street 


In 2009, Euclid's Waterfront Improvement Plan established a $30M vision for the municipalities' Lake Erie shoreline. Phase I was the construction of the Joseph A Farrell Memorial Fishing Pier. Phase II is a 3/4 mile public multi-modal, non-motorized trail, shoreline stabilization and habitat restoration project that will provide unprecedented public access to our region's greatest natural resource: Lake Erie.


This historic, precedent -setting second phase of the Euclid Waterfront Improvement Plan promotes economic development, expands habitat, improves water quality, and mitigates erosion. It also connects nearly 50,000 residents to new cobble beaches and recreational oppurtunities on the Lake because 88 individual littoral property owners signed easement agreements with the City of Euclid representing a unique/ public private partnership and strategy to increase public access and prevent erosion on Lake Erie.


Smith Group

Anticipated Completion Date

October 31, 2019

Timeline updates:

- Mark Haynes Construction began mobilizing at the City’s property just east of Luikart Drive off of Lakeshore Boulevard on November 1, 2018.
- The current project area is fully staked and the tree clearing, grubbing and erosion control measures are set to be complete by the end of November.
- To minimize disturbances at the top of the bluff, Haynes is planning to cut a “road” for their equipment near the water level that will allow them to move seamlessly from east to west
- Concrete rubble removal at the toe of the cliff begins this week through December. The crushing will occur on the city’s property east of Luikart, so expect noise from this activity during the daytime hours.
- Haynes will be placing rock at the base of the cliff in December once the rubble is cleared, and weather dependent, will have the revetment wall for the trail and the breakwaters fully in place in March 2019, working through the winter with the exception of the week in between Christmas and New     Years.
- This phase of the project is on target to be complete by next Fall

Project Contractor

Mark Haynes Construction