Edgecliff 2

Special Notes for Residents

Project is complete


Edgecliff Drive from E205 heading east to the dead end past E217, E 219, E 220th street with some work taking place on the side streets heading to Lakeshore Blvd.


This is a SSO elimination project. 12 manholes will be rehabilitated. Sewer lining will take place. The current SSO will be eliminated. Some point repair and lateral work will take place.


To eliminate the SSO ( sanitary sewer overflow) found on Edgecliff drive just east of E217 street as well as point repair of the existing sewer lines and manholes. Abandonment of an old sanitary line with all connections being moved to a larger line in the same area.


George Hume

Anticipated Completion Date

 Spring 2017

Project Contractor

United Survey/Broadway Construction