Consolidated SSO Elimination Project/ Tracy, Bruce, E 215 and W 194th Streets


  • E. 194th Street north of Lakeshore Blvd.
    • Completed
  • E. 222nd Street, Kennison to Bruce Avenue
    • Completed
  • Bruce Avenue, E. 222nd Street to E. 215th Street
    • Completed
  • E. 215th Street, Bruce Avenue to Arbor Avenue cul-de-sac
  • Tracy Avenue, E. 222nd Street to E. 215th Street
  • E. 220th Street
  • Easement property between Christine Avenue and Miller Avenue
    • Restoration of E 215 is complete


The project includes the construction of a sanitary interceptor sewer along the above mentioned route.  Bruce Avenue, Tracy Avenue and E. 194th Street will be completely reconstructed with new storm, sanitary, water mains, pavement, curbs, inlet basins, sidewalk, and appurtenances. Laterals will be installed from the right-of-way to the new sewers and water main on Tracy and Bruce Avenues.  Also included is new street lighting along Bruce and Tracy Avenues.  There is a manhole separation on E. 220th Street between Christine Avenue and Miller Avenue and the sanitary sewer needs to be lined in the easement between E. 220th Street and E. 216th Street. Work on Bruce Ave will begin once boring is complete on E 222nd Street.


The project is designed to eliminate sanitary sewer overflows in the collection system and water in basement issues in this area


Mark Miechowicz
(440) 487-6051

Anticipated Completion Date

Fall 2016

Project Contractor

Fabrizi Trucking and Paving